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Small Business CEO is where aspiring and early stage business owners acquire the skills they need to take their business ideas from concept to creation.

A Snapshot of Our Courses

A Curriculum Created to Guide Your Journey

Our small business curriculum is a living and growing one.  We carefully select topics and create courses that maximize your ability to understand what it takes to be an entrepreneur and to shorten your learning curve as you master the talents needed for success.

These are just a small sampling of courses included in the Small Business CEO curriculum.  Trust us when we say that your learning resources are very complete.

Success Mindset

Learn how to adopt the mindset of a successful person and create in your life the circumstances you desire as an entrepreneur.

Your Business Concept

Converting your business idea into an actionable concept is the focus on this course.  Take the steps to bring your idea from thought to reality.

Marketing Your Business

Today’s entrepreneur has lots of powerful marketing options.  Choosing and implementing the right combination for your business is the topic of this course.

Raising Capital In Your Business

Most successful businesses eventually turn to outside equity to fund their continued development.  This course lays out the options that are available when you’re ready.

Creative Idea Generation

Every great business includes an idea that serves customers.  Learn how to come up with your great business idea.

Business Planning

Create your first business plan and help refine the vision for your idea so that others can support your efforts.

How to Choose Partners

Choosing whether to partner with others is an important decision that shouldn’t be left to chance.  Learn how to pick the right people for the right reasons to maximize your success and enjoyment of business.


All companies must learn the value of outsourcing administrative tasks and especially if you are a startup or early stage company.  Learn how to find the help you need and pay only for the time you use.

The Value of Mentorship

As a member of Small Business CEO you’ll be guided by a mentor who has studied, practiced and taught the topics on which you will be instructed.  He knows from over 33 years of being in business where the landmines are and how you can successfully navigate through them.

Taking courses as an entrepreneur is important.  But being mentored by the creator of the program is priceless, especially because of Glenn’s diverse background in business, marketing, technology and multi-media production.


Find out more about Small Business CEO.

Get your questions answered to see if Small Business CEO is a match for you and your entrepreneurial endeavors.

Is Small Business CEO training or an organization?

Actually, it’s both.  Our initial focus is on getting you the training and mentorship you need to move forward with your business idea.  We then get you connected with other entrepreneurs who can learn from and support each other.  It’s like a fraternity for entrepreneurs.

How is mentorship provided?

Our learning center includes discussion forums, topical groups, monthly webinars and other opportunities to interact with experts on the subjects you’re studying.  This is all included in the membership.

Is the training just about business?

Our courses are offered through Abundant Society, a complete social learning community that includes topics on general personal development and wellness topcis too.  Your membership in Small Business CEO gets you access to those topics as well at no additional cost.

How often is the program updated?

New courses are added to the program monthly and virtual events like webinars are hosted on that same basis. There’s always something new to learn, especially as things change and new opportunities emerge.

What is the investment?

Currently, membership in Small Business CEO requires a one time investment of just $360 for lifetime access to program.  Soon, that option will be eliminated in favor of a $30 per month recurring membership option.

Is personal coaching avaialbe?

One-to-one mentorship is available at preferred rates for our members but it is not included in the membership fee.

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Find out more about Abundant Society.

Abundant Society is our complete social learning center where the Small Business CEO courses are hosted.  As a member of Small Business CEO you get access to all the resources of Abundant Society at no additional charge.

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