Media Center

The Small Business CEO Media Center features state-of-the-art technology which allows us to bring quality content to the Web. On the video production side, we are equipped with a Tricaster 40 for complete television production capability.   We use Canon Vixia HG20′s to capture high quality HD images to the Tricaster.  We then feature the content in a live stream or on our Youtube Channel.

Our studio is equipped with the Reflecmedia Chroma-key system which allows us to provide excellent green screen effects for stunning backgrounds and virtual sets.  This system allows us to produce network quality TV both in the studio and in mobile surroundings.


On the audio production side we use six Audio Technica AT-2020′s fed into a Behringer mixer, which is then digitized and fed into an Edirol UA-1000 for final input into an Alienware 8 core multi-media production machine.  This setup is used to produce training content, webinars, and our Internet radio show on Blog Talk Radio.  The Alienware is also used for post production video editing on projects we produce in the Tricaster.

Our media center allows us to enhance communication with the communities we serve, and to create quality training content for members.  It is just one of many things that make Small Business CEO a great organization to be part of.