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Explore the elements of the Small Business CEO membership and discover how it will jump start and accelerate your journey to the top in entrepreneurship.  No other organization or business training program offers so much for such a small investment.

Complete Learning Center

Small Business CEO offers a robust and growing number of courses designed to get entrepreneurs off to a great start in business and to keep them evolving as they go.  Access to consistent training, resources and support is what makes every entrepreneur’s journey easier to navigate to a successful outcome.

Monthly Events

Small Business CEO hosts monthly “office hours” live stream events to give members a place to get questions answered and to learn about new topics.  All live stream events are recorded and archived in the learning center for replay.

Interviews with Experts

Our monthly live stream events also feature interviews with business experts to help diversify your learning experience.  Every entrepreneur benefits by knowing people with the knowledge they need to succeed.  We make that simple with our expert interviews.

Access to Abundant Society

Small Business CEO members get complete access to the entire library of courses available to members of Abundant Society, not just the courses on business.  That includes topics related to general personal development and health and wellness both of which are important to round out your educational experience.  All resources are updated monthly and you have access to it all!


Having access to a business visionary who is also a retired attorney, marketing and media strategist and the creator of this program will help you gain deeper insights into what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.  Communicate with our founder in the groups and discussion forums inside our social learning community.

Continuously Updated

The Small Business CEO course library and resources are updated monthly with at least one new course added every month.  Business changes, opportunities change and we change to keep you on the cutting edge of it all.

Small Business Alerts

Receive our members only small business alerts which features news and information on business developments, new marketing technologies, marketing best practices and other time sensitive opportunities that may interest you in your business.


It’s rare that an organization that offers online courses also includes an opportunity for students/members to collaborate, but that’s exactly what we do here at Small Business CEO.  Surrounding yourself with like minded people helps the quality of your thoughts, actions and experiences.  Our community of entrepreneurs is a great place for you to develop connections that will help you in your business.

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Meet Glenn Garnes, our founder

Learn more about the background of the creator of Small Business CEO.  Glenn works hard to stay on the cutting edge of technology and business developments to consistently improve the quality of your learning experience.  Find out more about him here.

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