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Here’s our chance to clam access the “Partners in Profit” Club, a free service we offer to small business owners everywhere.  Club membership includes access to Small Business CEO Accelerator, a powerful toolkit for starting and growing any business.

It’s all yours for free (no credit card required), because we want no small business owner to miss the opportunity to expand their mind and their opportunities along with it.  Use the form to the right to access it immediately.

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Give your business the best possible start and best opportunity for growth.

Your business deserves the best jump start and opportunity to grow you can give it, so you can beat the odds and make entrepreneurship a rewarding and lucrative experience.  You can avoid the biggest challenges facing new businesses, namely, lack of planning, lack of mentorship, and poor execution, by simply claiming FREE access to our Small Business CEO Accelerator Program.

Here’s what you get when you make the choice to jump start your


Resource One

Download our Business Plan Blueprint to help you plan your next big move with confidence.  Receive step-by-step video instruction on how to use these resources to elevate your entrepreneur game and start achieving more in less time.  Follow the guidance in this resource and virtually guarantee that you’ll avoid disappointments that can sink your business before you get started or stifle its growth in the future.

Resource Two

Download the CEO Mindset Reflections worksheet for daily activities that will transform your mindset to opportunity seeker, by doing a few simple things on a daily basis.  Access video instruction that will have you off to the races in minutes.

Resource Three

Receive the digital and audio version of my book, “Let’s Not Be Partners”, a step-by-step guide to selecting the right people to partner with in business and how to exponentially multiply your ability to achieve by being in business with the right people for the right reasons.

Resources Four

Receive daily leadership, business and motivational quotes and tips directly to your email inbox designed to keep you focused on implementation of the principles every entrepreneur needs to know and implement for success.  It’s like having a personal accountability partner to inspire you to get the job done.

Glenn Garnes, Founder
Small Business CEO

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Why is it free?

I decided to make this program free for people just getting started in business because I’d like you to consider joining the Small Business CEO organization in the future.  I believe the best way to introduce you to the organization is to allow you to experience the same accelerator program our members receive as part of the complete member benefits available to them.

Some people offer money back guarantees if you’re not satisified. That requires you to take action if you want your money back. I prefer to let you see what it would be like to be a member of our organization and then offer you preferred pricing to join as a thank you for trying out our Small Business Accelerator at no cost to you.

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With everything to gain and nothing to lose why not claim free access to Partners in Profit and the Small Business CEO Accelerator, so you can judge for yourself whether it will help you jump start your business as promised.  Fill in the form to the right to access the Accelerator now!

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